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These books are a series that teach a student to master the art of handwriting in manuscript, cursive, calligraphy, and other penmanship skills.

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  • Cursive Handwriting Penmanship (Books 1-3, 5-8) in Zaner-Bloser style using letters, words, and Bible verse selections for practice,
  • Manuscript Printing for beginners (Books A,B,1)(Book 9 for older students) in Roman Style,
  • Step by Step Calligraphy in Italic style, + Gothic and Uncial (Book 4),
  • Decorative Versal Letters to begin Cursive verses (Book 5B),
  • Handwriting in Spanish also with Versal letters to begin verses.(Book 5SP, Book 10),
  • Handwriting with Proverbs and the International Alphabet (Book 5PR),
  • Artistic Borders to develop writing motor skills used nearly throughout the series,
  • two European Handwriting Styles-Simple and Traditional using Bible verse and greetings in Latin, English, French, and Spanish (Book 10),
  •  all-letter testing sentences and testing alphabets in almost each book,
  • some Bible DVD’s and pdf’s of the same. 
  • Little Bird birthday calendar, also available in pdf format. 

 Ebooks are Available! Each penmanship book is now also available as an Ebook in PDF format.  Shipping Ebooks is FREE.   You can get your Ebook in a matter of minutes by downloading after  your purchase. All hard copies are available on the menu bar in SHOP – penmanship books. Ebooks are available in SHOP -Ebooks. Both can be found in “View all Products” below.

The series is intended for children from preschool to grade 8. However, Books 4 to 9 and European Handwriting, may be used even by adults.  Handwriting is a talent that is best developed during the time of our youth.  Fortunately one can always brush up anytime or even begin as an adult.  We can improve the appearance of our handwriting with diligent practice and still retain a personal style. The results of our handwriting are a telling detail of our personality. Handwriting legible notes and letters gives a certain confidence in communication. Also the privacy of letters is protected by law.

On this site you may view information about each book as well as download a few sample pages from each one. These books are available by secure online purchasing through paypal.com  We encourage you to browse anytime. Purchasing can be done Monday thru Saturday. Please avoid Sunday purchasing to keep Sundays holy on the Lord’s Day. If you are a Canadian customer living in Canada, we will send an adjusted invoice for a hard copy order to accommodate the exchange rate and the actual shipping fee. We hope you have a good experience in attaining good legible handwriting when using our materials.

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At present many homeschool families and some schools are having success with this unique line of penmanship books. Customers have given good reviews and positive comments on them.  Your success at handwriting or teaching handwriting is my goal.
Email: ppicard@usa.net, or phone (519)433-8954 – Marie Picard